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domenica, 29 gennaio 2012

«the bob» and colleen moore

a few links about the actress whose eye (probably the brown one, as I can see from colorized pictures) & bangs I stole for my favourite buddy icon.
I'm not comfortable with buddy icons, but this stuck somehow – though I had never heard about her, when I found her portrait in the book il futurismo e la moda (in a page about the change of role models in the 20s and the french novel la garçonne).

it turns out moore was the first american actress to make bobbed hair popular (not louise brooks) and that she was (massively, we could rightly say) into doll houses.

colleen moore's fairy castle

colleen bobs her hair

the colleen moore project and a forthcoming new biography.

(seeing her movies seems nearly impossible now, but I'll look into it and report back.)


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Great post! I was 100% sure the actress in your icon was Louise Brooks. I've never heard of Colleen Moore before reading what you wrote here.

Terry at 29/gen/2012 13:17:41

I find old hollywood utterly fascinating and tonight I went to see the artist hoping it captured some of the magic, but I have to say I'm really underwhelmed... it's funny, but nothing more.

rose at 29/gen/2012 23:31:19